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Please purchase a new makeover website here. This offer is only available to websites with existing content already. That is why it is called a “makeover.” If it is a BRAND NEW WEBSITE, please purchase a “NEW WEBSITE” service instead.

What Comes With The WordPress Website:

    1. A professional, clean, modern look that better represents your business.
    2. A site builder program such as Elementor or WP Bakery to make it is extremely easy to update content in the future.
    3. A website that is mobile compatible, user-friendly and search engine friendly.
    4. Have up to 8 pages including Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact and so on.
    5. Home page will have 1 slider and some great call-to-action segments.
    6. Stock photos will be provided and edited, but client submitted photos may be edited as necessary as well. Will not do any professional editing of photos, only resizing and cropping. Limit 15 photos.
    7. Have up to 2 simple submission forms. I.E. Contact Forms (with a Google Map) or simple Quote Inquiry Form.
    8. Your website demo will be stored on our server for review and changes before going live.

This website does not come with a professionally designed LOGO because it is meant for MAKEOVERS. That means most of our clients had a website previously and likely had a logo. But if you have none or need a better one, please purchase that upgrade. While you’re at it, go ahead and order our business card service. We design and ship out awesome business cards.

If you want a website with a professional logo and other options included, purchase a brand new website service.

This is also not an ecommerce website (meaning it’s not made to display a shop with products and sell online), but that upgrade option is also available. You can add that at any time – before, during or even after the website is built. Feel free to browse what upgrade options are available. No social media feed will be integrated, but such services can be added on from one of our upgrade options.

Remember, if you need more than 8 pages, it’s $35 per page and will be invoiced manually. Let our support team (via live chat) know how many ADDITIONAL pages you need so that an invoice can be setup for you. Payment must be made before we finalize the site with your additional pages.

When the new website is ready to go live, and it’s not being hosted with us we just need the hosting information and we’ll make the transfer. The website will be QA’d and the site is yours. Our team will still be available in case of any glitches or bugs discovered over the next 10 business days. Any work that exceeds normal fixes, such as additional requests of work can be done at $55/hr.

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$598 One-Time

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$848 One-Time