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Your new website will be built using WordPress, not a cheap template site builder. Your initial demo site will consist of your home page and any other 2 pages you want from your existing website. If you like the new look and wish to proceed, it’s just $199 for the setup and we’ll add up to 5 more pages. If you don’t like the new look at all, you can move on and not pay a penny.

The $199 will allow us to complete your website and will have up to 8 pages. If you need more than 8 pages, it’s $35 per page and will be invoiced manually. Let support know how many ADDITIONAL pages you need so that an invoice can be setup for you. Payment must be made before we finalize the site with your additional pages.

When your new website is ready to go live, you’ll pay $399 to transfer everything onto your selected host or we can waive the $399 if you agree to host with us for $24.95/m for a minimum of 12 months. Cancellation or failure to pay at least 12 months will cause the website to revert to original site prior to makeover.


After your form is submitted, visit the dashboard below. Your login information is already emailed to you so you can visit in the future for updates.