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Our makeover campaign is making a huge impact on businesses needing a fast and affordable website. This is your chance to use our team and resources to offer the same caliber work at the same low price. This campaign is always trying to deliver amazing websites at a really low price. We know if we work with other agencies or consultants who have prospects on their list, we will continue to get more. There are agencies already using our services and making more sales and delivering faster than they were before.

Remove Our Agency Brand or Waive Fee

If you wish to REMOVE our branding from the websites created and remove the completed website from our portfolio, you MUST pay a Brand Removal Fee of $250. The creation of Free Website Makeover is to help small businesses, but we cannot prevent other agencies from taking advantage of our incredibly low prices. So to mitigate that, the Brand Removal Fee is required if you wish to remove our brand and association to the completed website.

If you do not mind our branding, then removal fee is not required. It will state, “Designed and Managed by Rank Above Others.” in the website footer. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to submit websites for a free makeover. That request is exclusive to direct clients who come to us. If you wish to have us do websites for you at these low prices, you will have already brought in your own paying clients. Anyone not following this guideline will be publicly announced of their deeds.

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Notice: Using the “Remove Branding” registration means you want to remove our brand and willing to pay extra to keep it white labeled and under YOUR brand.

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Notice: Using the “Agency Partner” registration means you don’t mind sharing our brand with your clients and letting them know Rank Above Others did the website work. This waives the $250 brand removal fee.